Portable Patio Fire Pit That Keeps you Warm in Outdoors

Having a portable fire pit that is easy to move is a big plus. Last night I was reading a DIY (do-it-yourself) article about making your own fire pit at home for $500. This caught by attention as fire pits that are available in market can be purchased for even 1/3 of that price just like the Landmann portable fire pit.

Landmann Portable Patio fire pitLandmann has been making all sorts of fire equipment for long and they certainly know what they are doing. At 12.5 inch deep and 23.5 inches in diameter, this portable fire pit is great to have for your patio, backyard or any other outdoor activity in winters as well as in summers.

First have a look at its construction. It is made of cold-rolled steel. Cold-rolling is a process by which steel or any metal in further hardened for added durability and longevity. It has sand paint finish which give it and elegant tough. It has a large 23.5 inches ( diameter) burning bowl and a safety ring surrounded. It also has a full size cooking grate, a spark guard and a poker which comes in handy with this fire pit as these do not come with regular fire pits. This pit also has stars and moons cutouts on its side walls which not only gives eye catching look during nights and it also allows the heat to spread around the pit through these cool looking cut outs.Patio Fire Pit In Action

Using this fire pit required you to first assemble it which will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Now it is recommended that you fill the burning bowl with approximately 5 lbs of sand in order to prevent the area underneath the pit from burning and damaging. After that you are all set to use it and carry it in anywhere in your house of outdoor. The cooking grate makes it even more than just a fire pit that keeps you warm but yo can also make some burgers and hot dogs on it and why not some marshmallows or even s’mores. This portable fire pit can also be used for burning old papers. When completely filled with wood and lit properly, the flames are reported to last for as long as four hours.

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