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Pelican Predator Fishing Boat – Pelican DLX

For both serious and hobby anglers, a fine fishing boat will make the time worthwhile just like the Pelican DLX fishing boat for two. If you are looking for a small fishing boat that is durable enough for fishing and also comfortable enough for a maximum of two persons then you will find the Pelican Predator fishing boat a very handy fishing boat.

Pelican Predator Fishing Boat
The Pelican Predator fishing boat measures 10.3 feet in length, 61 inches in width, 23.5 inches in height and weighs 162 lbs. The Pelican DLX has a maximum weight capacity of up to 500 lbs and it is made for two persons only. The extra large size hull and its V-shape offer a better efficient performance for your motor. The Pelican fishing boat has built-in mount for motor.

The Pelican Predator fishing boat has both swiveling seats that can also be folded when you want to store your boat or just use one of the seats and fold the other one. These seats suite anglers of all age and also offer more control over their target without having the need to stand on their feet. The Pelican DLX also has two handy storage compartments that can be used for storing your battery plus other fishing accessories.

Pelican DLX Fishing Boat Storage Compartments

The Pelican Predator fishing boat also has two vertical and two horizontal rod holders as well as drink holders to make your fishing and boating trip more pleasurable. The Pelican DLX is backed by 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer that can easily be extended to two years provided that you register your boat with Pelican within 30 days of purchase.

Where To Buy ?

The Pelican Predator fishing Boat aka Pelican DLX is available at (just $5.05 shipping) at a special 7% discount price. Just make sure that you had make preparation for unloading of the Predator DLX when it arrives.