Pawleys Hammock – Duracord Hammock

Pawleys Hammock – Duracord Hammock

For those of you who enjoy taking a break in the outdoors, they might want to have a look at this Pawleys Hammock. Whether it’s a beach or just your backyard, this duracord hammock offers one good reason to relax and release some of your stress.

Pawley hammock - Duracord hammock
Pawley hammock is considered to be one of the finest in the hammock industry for not just one reason. The one shown above is a duracord fabric hammock that is prepared as a result of solution-dying. This ensures that the colors remain intact as well as protected for any other stain. You can even leave this hammock hanging in the outdoors as it is also made mildew-resistant.

The Pawleys duracord hammock is made more durable by using oak wood as spreader bars. You do not have to worry about the oak wood getting damaged as it has been heavily varnished multiple times so that it lasts a long time in the outdoors. The Pawley Hammock measures 55 inches x 82 inches and is 13 feet long.

Installing this duracord hammock is as easy as it can get. Each Pawley hammock is provided with all the necessary installation hardware which includes tree hooks that are a must for hanging the hammock from a tree. This Pawleys hammock has a very colorful fabric texture that will surely attract many hammock lovers.

Where To Buy ?

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