Paintball Kits – Tippmann Platinum Series Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set

Not know how others feel about this action packed sport but those who are totally in, never care what others think. If you are an old time paintball sport player then chances are you might need to tune and load yourself with some new gears. With hundreds of different type of paintball kits out there in the market, we have picked Tippmann Platinum series as it consists of all the tools you need to take down your opponent.

Paintball Kits - Tippmann Paintball Marker

In these Tippmann paintball kits, you need not to worry about the accessories as this mega kit has it all. It has the ultra basic paintball marker, custom 20 oz barrel tank to fire up those paintballs towards your opponent. On the protective side, this paintball kit has the GXG stealth mask with visor. The cool part is that the lens on the mask is anti fog. This kit also contains a paintball harness which is used to load and carry your pods plus it also has 6 x 140 round heavy duty tubes. Other accessories include:

  • Premium 1 oz oil
  • 21 inch jerk Squeegee
  • Ammo Hopper
  • Wrenches and Oil for Maintenance

This Tippmann paintball kit is a mega kit and it doesn’t matter whether you are a new player or an old champ, you definitely need all the accessories and gears when you land in front of your opponent in a paintball game. The real deal lies in the price of these Tippmann paintball kits. If you buy all the items separately you might have to pay a total over $250 but this mega kit will cost you almost half that amount.

These Tippmann paintball kits are available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 15% discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end anytime.

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