MYBELL : Specialty Bell Designed For Cyclists

MYBELL Cycle Horn

MYBELL Cycle Horn

If you use bicycles for commute then you better know that riding bicycle through high trafficked areas at times can be dangerous business for any cyclist. Although there are several solutions to this in terms of horns but to make things less offensive for the people not riding, Peter Pottier has designed MYBELL.

MYBELL can be mounted on cycle handle bar and is capable to pump out sounds up to 96dB which is louder than an average mechanical bell. Users of MYBELL will also be able to load their favorite MP3 file if they fell the its default sound is too hard on nerves.

Besides the sound, the MYBELL also has LED light which lights up in different patterns and helps the cyclist to be identified after sun set hours. This interesting cycle bell comes in various colors but its main purpose is to make cyclist more safe.


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