Mini Portable Washing Machine With Dryer

There are not many portable washing machines that also have a drying unit attached in a compact body but this Portawash Twin Tub washing machine has it all. It is a mini washing machine that consumes very less amount of electrical power while does the job for you when you are away from home specially during camping in caravans.
Portable washing machine
This mini portable washing machine only requires 160 Watts to operate. Having just a small size, it has a washing capacity of up to 3.5 lbs of dry cloths. As already mentioned above, this is a twin tub washing machine having two tubs one for washing the cloths and the other one is used only for drying it.

This is such a small washing machine that you can even keep it on counter top or just leave it on the floor and connect the power cord to the mains socket. This mini washing machine has timers for both the washing cycle and the drying cycle. Both the timers are independent of each other.

This mini washing machine has two washing cycles from 3-15 minutes duration which makes it suitable for both dirty and less dirty cloths. This portable washing machine is ideal if you spend lots of time outdoor specially camping or either using this as a caravan washing machine as it only measures 22″ x 22¼” x 14″.

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