LifeBEAM Helmet : Accurate Fitness Monitor for Cyclists

lifebeam helmet

lifebeam helmet

The LifeBEAN helmet designed for cyclists started as an Indiegogo project roughly about an year ago has finally made it to the store and the stocks are running out at a rapid speed and it is only a matter of time till there is not left to buy.

For those who missed out about the LifeBEAM helmet, they should know that this specially designed cycling helmet is packed with sensors that are capable of measuring and monitoring heart as well as keeping a close eye on your calorie count. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity and it can be paired with any compatible fitness device. There is no need to wear a chest strap and it is suitable for all weather conditions.

Due to the fact that this helmet is equipped with aerospace level sensing technology, it gives the most accurate measurements. The LifeBEAM helmet is available for $199.99 only and you can grab one from this page.


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