inReach : Mini GPS Communicator by DeLorme With 2-Way Texting

inReach two way GPS communicator

DeLorme has just introduced another of its handy gadgets, the inReach, which is a two-way GPS communicator that is also capable of sending and receiving text messages up to 16 characters in length. The inReach mini two-way GPS communicator however needs to be paired with one of DeLorme’s device, the PN-60w, or any other Android powered device in order to use the texting feature. More details about it can be found below.

inReach two way GPS communicator

The inReach GPS communicator can also send real-time GPS data for tracking purpose. Users can view a shared map and track their and other’s progress with the help of this handy GPS gadget. Users can track their hike, climb, time etc. This device also sends updates to your twitter and Facebook which is a bonus feature. It can also send SOS messages at regular intervals and can also receive conformation that helps is on its way.

The DeLorme inReach two-way GPS communicator is set to be released in October 2011 for a price tag of $250 plus it requires a monthly data plan which will cost users additional $10 per month.

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