Infinyte Marine Electric i4 – Electric Boat

infinyte marine electric i4 boat

If you want to spend some quality time with your family on an electric boat, like this Infinyte Marine Electric i4 boat, then you need to spare some extra cash since these do not come cheap. The advantages of electric boats such as this one can also not be over looked because these are virtually silent boats with no noisy engines as these electric boats are powered by batteries. Some of the main features on the Electric i4 boat have been highlighted below.

infinyte marine electric i4 boat

These have two electric motors powered by electric batteries which can give you power for up to 10 hours which is more than enough. The batteries get recharged easily so you will not be spending additional bucks on every trip. The infinyte Marine makes the electric i4 boat in 14 feet size which is ideal for 5 fully grown adults and a small to medium size family plus it can sustain maximum weight of about 700 lbs.

The Infinyte Marine Electric i4 boat does not have a top notch speed as it can sail at a maximum of 13 km/h (8 miles/h). The i4 electric boat is available worldwide through dealers for a handsome price tag of $12,999

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