Garmin Fish Finder 160C

Garmin Fish Finder

The Garmin fish finder 160C is an advanced sonar fish finder which can detect water depths for as much as 900 feet. A smart fish finder has the capability of turning a bad fishing day into a good fishing day while other opposite is true as well. Equipped with a large display screen, this Garmin fishfinder assists in not only locating fish but it will also prevent your boat from getting stuck in shallow waters.

Garmin Fish Finder
Unlike other low quality hand held fish finders, this Garmin fish finder has built-in alarms for your pre-set sizes of fish, depth as well as low battery. This is a rugged and very durable fishfinder with a 3.2 inch color CSTN display. This unit has a dual-beam transducer that provides accurate data no matter how shallow the water is. The wide viewing angle is handy for viewing fish even off the sides of your boat.

Unlike other sonar fishfinders, this Garmin fish finder has a very important Ultrascroll feature which refreshes the screen at a very rapid pace and thus making sure that you are seeing the current water data i.e. fish, depth, speed etc. Other features in this Garmin fishfinder include :

    • Ability to zoom 2X/4X
    • Handy Alarm feature
    • See-Thru technology that shows both week/strong signals
    • Battery Indicator
    • NMEA output etc

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