Flybar 800 – Pogo Stick Fun Jumping

Flybar 800 - Pogo Stick

How high one can jump with a pogo stick depends on many factors including the weight of the jumper, how hard one presses and of course the quality of pogo stick. The one shown below is Flybar 800 pogo stick that is rated as one of the top pogosticks currently available.

Flybar 800 - Pogo Stick
The Flybar 800 pogo stick has the ability to jump as high as 4+ feet which is more than the ability of any other pogo stick of the same price. Since it can jump quite high, the minimum age for this pogo stick is 12 and it supports weight between 80-180 lbs. Unlike any other pogo stick, the Flybar 800 is lighter and more controllable which makes it ideal for teenagers. It has a very unique elastometric spring system consisting of a total of 12 rubber thrusters. You can easily adjust the number of thrusters you want. The more the thrusters, the higher this pogo stick will jump.

The Flybar 800 pogo stick only weighs 11 lbs is a compact and sturdy body. It has non skid rubber tip plus a very handy one pin quick piston adjustment features that allows you to select three different settings for low medium and high jump.
The Pogosticking is not only fun for young blood but it also offers one of the best work outs for developing bones. The Flybar 800 pogo stick offers the best workout for a very affordable price plus it requires minimum maintenance and less storage space.

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