EGO Submarine – Mini Personal Submarine

EGO compact mini submarine

Have you ever thought about owing your personal submarine? Well a Japanese company has introduced a new kind of mini submarine called the EGO submarine which will make the most out of your sea adventures. It kinds of remind us about the HydroBOB underwater scooter but it has just a pool thing and this EGO sub you can take anywhere you want.

EGO compact mini submarine

The EGO is being called a compact SEMI-Submarine since it does not completely submerge into sea depths and sailors can also enjoy the sun from top while having a closer look at sea life underneath. The EGO compact mini-submarine has two propellers on either side that are powered by 12 x 8-Volt marine batteries which will provide plenty of time for underwater fun.

The best part about the EGO compact mini submarine is that you do not need any kind of professional training to ride it and it offers the feel of a natural aquarium especially for you and your own family. The price of the EGO mini submarine has not yet been made public but it is already available in many regions across the globe.

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