Digital Wireless Weather Forecaster Station

No worries with the wireless weather forecaster, you can plan your journey and trips without completely relying on radio channels and TV reports. This is an all in one digital wireless weather station that tells you exactly what you need to know before you move on.

Wireless weather forecaster UK

This wireless weather station consists of outdoor equipment as well as indoor desktop display for indication weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed/direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, forecast for rainfall, frost alert and many other useful and handy information for those who travel a lot and rely on weather forecasts in their trip planning. No need to do this now with this digital wireless weather station. The outdoor unit consists of sensors for measure wind speed, direction, frosting, rainfall, humidity, temperature etc.

Digital Wireless Weather Station Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit in this wireless weather forecaster needs to be places at a maximum of 40 meters/ 130 feet from the indoor unit in order to transmit all the data. The data shown in the indoor unit is in real-time so any sudden change in the climate is immediately reflected on the indoor display. The weather forecaster on the whole runs on batteries such as 7 x AA and 2 x AAA. Overall this is a great handy unit for those people who travel a lot such and camping trips, picnics, expeditions or any other outdoor activity that solely relies on weather conditions.

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