Citizen Dive Watch – Citizen Aqualand Watch For Men

Citizen Aqualand Watch - Mens Dive Watch

Want to get in to the depths of ocean and still keep track of time, with this mean Citizen Dive watch you can. This Citizen Aqualand watch is men’s diving watch that makes use of the ECO-Friendly technology because it does not run on batteries; instead it runs on solar power and gets charged from virtually any source of light.
Citizen Aqualand Watch - Mens Dive Watch
This Citizen Aqualand Watch is a perfect diver’s watch which can also be worn along with casual clothing. This Citizen Dive watch is water resistant up to 200 meters which approximately is 600 feet. This is an environment friendly wrist watch and is 100% solar powered. Fitted inside is a small battery with a maximum life of 40 years. Usually many advertisers claim that this diver watch has no battery but in real its battery is so powerful that even after 20 years of use, more than half of it charge is still present. This Citizen Diver watch gets charged in all sorts of light such as indoor, outdoor etc.

Depending upon the source of light, this Citizen Aqualand Watch gets fully charged at min 2.5 hours and a max of 18 hours. When fully charged, this Citizen watch will continue to function for 60 days which means you can place it in total darkness and it will still function properly. The watch has a quick start feature which enables it to still operate when fully discharged and exposed to light for only few seconds. This will allow the user to set the time and date.
Citizen Dive Watch - Citizen Aqualand Dive Watch
This Citizen Dive Watch has a very elegant stainless steel case with a black dial. The case is 48 mm in diameter. The watch features both 12 and 24 hour time mode. It also displays date along with the depth. The Citizen Aqualand Watch can store the recent maximum depth and display it on its dial. This diver’s watch also has a handy 50 minutes chronograph.

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