Bushnell Binocular – Wide Angle Binocular

If you belong to those group of people who travel a lot, observe wildlife, watch live sporting events then you would definitely be interested in this Bushnell binocular which is so far one of the best when it comes to wide angle binocular.

Bushnell Binocular Wide 900 feet field of view

The best feature this Bushnell binocular has is its wide angle field of view. Most of the other low price binoculars offer only 350 feet field of view but this one offers more than double i.e its field of view is 900 feet when view from a 1000 yards distance. So spotting the entire football ground or a full tennis court is no problem with this wide view angle binoculars.

This Bushnell binocular is also great if you take keen interest in spotting birds with those bulky scopes which might be handy for bird scoping but not very practical when carrying and viewing at the same time. This Bushnell wide angle binocular is very compact, consist of powerful magnifying lens yet it is very light weight and very easy to carry. These binoculars have a very handy neck strap and they also come with a very safe carrying case which is also used to store your set log binoculars when not in use.

This lens in this Bushnell Binocular offer a magnification of 4 x 21. These also have a fixed focus so you will be have to manual adjust the focus and just concentrate of the view rather than those blurry scenery. This wide angle binocular also have light-blocking eye cups and coated optics for superior light transmission. The entire body of this Bushnell Binocular is made of rubberized armor so that it remains safe even when you have mishandled it. These binoculars only measure 13.3 x 7 x 9cm and because of its compact size is a very high field of view we rate it 8/10.

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