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Bird Spotting Scope with 20-60x Power Zoom

I you take keen interest in spotting nature, wildlife or anything not so geeky then you need to have a spotting scope just like this low price bird spotting scope which has to ability to zoom in up to 6000% of the actual size. In wrong hands this can turn out to be a real teaser if you realize what I mean !

Bird Spotting Scope

For a price that is very low this bird spotting scope is a very powerful scope you might not find everywhere. It has a high performance telescopic lens fitted to give precision vision of objects at great distances. This spotting scope is best suited for spotting wild life particularly birds, nature, stars or anything else you might be interested in that is far away.

The whole body of this bird spotting scope is made of very durable aluminum rubber armor which makes this scope very much safe even in the hands of amateur spotters. It is not very heavy as compared to other bulky high price spotting scopes. It only weighs 1 kg and is made very durable to last for years of spotting. Designed in a way that you can use it for spotting indoor as well as outdoor. With its power zoom you can zoom in 20-60x. It has a field of view 38-17m/1000m with nearest focus distance 30’/10m.

This bird spotting scope comes with a carrying case, cleaning cloth and a FREE tripod which comes in really handy when spotting birds in the outdoors. It has a fast action focus ring plus a handy directional lever. This spotting scope only measures 13½”/34cm and we rate it 7/10 for its low price and durability.

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