Bending Bicycle – Kevin Scott ‘Bendy Bicycle’ Design

Bending Frame Bicycle

This might look like one of those folding bicycles but believe me it is not. It has a bicycle that has a bendable frame which comes in handy when you want to secure your bicycle around a lamppost with one or maybe more locks.

Bending Frame Bicycle
Bending Bicycle

The man behind the bending bicycle is Kevin Scott, a UK designer who has displayed his innovative design at the Business Design Center, London. The idea bending making the bending bicycle was not because it will take less storage space but considering the fact that an estimated 100+ bicycles are stolen from the streets of London each day just because people do not fasten their bicycles to strong posts or the locks are applied to parts that come off easily.

Unlike the dual suspension mountain bike, this one has a very simple design. The Bending bicycle is firm and stable when being ridden and when you want to fasten it to a lamppost, you just have to use a ratchet system to bend the bicycle frames so that you can place it around the post and can apply locks to both the wheels as well as the bicycle frame.

If Kevin’s design receives reasonable appreciation and of course funding, then we might see many of these bending bicycles on the roads of London and possibly in other parts of the world too.

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