Banzai Slide – Banzai Falls Original Water Slide An Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai Falls Original Water Slide

Get rid of summer heat with Banzai falls original water slide. If you are still not sure about how to make your kid’s summer more fun then have no worries and get them a Banzai slide that is an incredible and inflatable water slide that will make this summer more fun, more wet and more energetic.

Banzai Falls Original Water Slide
The Banzai slide is one of the best gifts that you can get for your children, even better than the expensive Intex 24 by 12 feet swimming pool. The best part about this inflatable water slide is that it gets ready in just 2 minutes, thanks to heavy duty blower motor which does the job in almost no time. This Banzai falls original water slide was also selected as a nominee for the “Toy of The Year” award. When completely inflated, the slide measures 228”L x 60”W x 120”H. The water slide is made of very heavy-duty Dura-tech construction which makes it extremely durable to last for years of fun and of course water sliding. The walls, arch top as well as the rails are constructed with PCV-coated 420D terylene for additional stability and strength. It is the same fabric that is used in large boats.

Banzai Slide - Inflatable Water Slide

The pool area and the slide surface in this Banzai slide is constructed with PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin which is responsible for most of the sliding nature of this inflatable water slide. This coating also protects the landing area of the slide. In this Banzai falls original water slide, water bags are added for providing stability to the slide. Since this Banzai slide is powered by an electric blower, a GFCI switch is also provided for maximum safety as well as convenience.

The Banzai falls original water slide comes with a complete repair kit plus an easy storage bag to store your inflatable water slide. When the summers are over, the inflatable Banzai water slide stays safe under the hood for the next summer fun. You can even take this banzai slide in the outdoors and make a family camping trip even more fun.

Where To Buy ?

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