Adidas Jabulani Soccer Ball – Soccer World Cup 2010 Official Match Ball

FIFA Wirkd Cup 2010 Official match ball - Adidas Jabulani

The FIFA world cup 2010 is here and below you can see the official match ball by none other than Adidas who is not new in this field. This world cup 2010 match ball has been named as the “Jabulani” which in Zulu means to rejoice or to celebrate.

FIFA Wirkd Cup 2010 Official match ball - Adidas Jabulani
Adidas Jabulani world cup 2010 soccer all itself is a piece of art and a center of attraction especially to the nation that currently hosts the 2010 FIFA world cup. This official match ball has 11 different colors that represent 11 official languages and communities of South Africa who is the official host of FIFA world cup 2010. These 11 colors also represent the 11 players in a football team.

The Adidas Jabulani is constructed using a different technique. It is made by thermally bonding eight panels. All panels are three-dimensional. The ball surface is textured with grooves and this is done intentionally as it will improve the thermodynamics of the ball. A major contribution in this soccer world cup 2010 official match ball came from the Loughborough University in UK. Have a look at how the eight panels join together to form this 2010 world cup football.

Adidas Jabulani Production

If you are a great fan of soccer footballs then this Adidas Jabulani is sure going to impress you. For soccer fans, there are all sorts of stuff available on the web ranging from FIFA World cup 2010 balls, jackets, jerseys to caps, music and video games. To find more about this, click here.

Where To Buy Adidas Jabulani Official Match Ball ?


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