Best GPS For Kids The TBS 3202 GPS Watch Phone

gps watch kids

gps watch kids

Over the years many parents have trusted the TBS brand when considering to buy GPS for kids and the TBS 3202 GPS watch phone serves this purpose quite well. In addition to giving precise location of their kids, the TBS 3202 kids GPS watch has few more handy features that are not found in many other GPS watches for kids.

GPS For Kids on The Wrist

The cool looking GPS wrist watch for kids offers a little more functionality which is quite handy to put it that way. By simply sending a preset SMS to the GPS watch, the TBS 3202 sends backs the exact location of your kids coordinates and link to map which is really helpful.

The accuracy of the GPS watch is within a few feet and while looking at the map that it sends, you get the exact idea of your child’s location.

Phone Call Feature

With the TBS 3202 GPS kids watch, the kids and the parents have a few options of make and receive regular phone calls or quick SOS phone calls. You can set up to 4 Guardian numbers to call or be notified in case of emergency.

The parents can also call the watch phone directly where as the kinds can also make and receive call to the preset numbers.

Attractive Design For Kids

TBS has done a nice job in making a GPS watch for kids that will not scare them away but most of the kids like having it and there are a few color options to chose from in case your child is picky.

Easy To Use

This GPS for kid’s watch phone is very easy to set up and use and most of the parents will not have any difficulty setting it up. It comes with a set of instruction in case you are stuck setting it up.

The TBS 3202 GPS kids watch has an internal 450mAh battery which has a 120 hours standby time. It comes with a USB charging cable, charging adapter and a set of earphones.

The TBS 3202 kid’s GPS watch is currently one of the best selling phone plus GPS watch for kinds at Amazon and is being sold at a 40% discount price while stock lasts. For more details check this page.

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