Unlocked Sony Xperia Play For $750

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play unlocked

After the release of Sony Ericson latest playstation handset in UK, Sony Xperia Play will be released soon in North America where it is available through Verizon Wireless and this is not enough, Sony Ericson has also decided to launch it world wide so that game lovers can enjoy playing 3D games via smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play unlocked

For global customers the Sony Xperia Play is available as unlocked version so that user can access it via local carrier service where it costs around $750 which is the actual price of phone without contract. The price is looking quite higher than the locked version of phone but you have choice to choose carrier of your own and enjoy playing amazing games including platform exclusive games, PSOne era classic, etc.

In short, the Sony Xperia Play with Snapdragon graphics processor and Gingerbread is an extremely versatile smartphone with additional full features of playstation.

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