UK Took The Lead In Launching Sony Xperia S



As it was announced about the Sony Xperia S with the show off that it will be launching later this year but suddenly we got another news after CES that Sony Xperia S is going to release in UK in the month of March. This news is confirmed by the online retailers in the UK; Clove and Phones4U.

According to the sources, the phone will be offered at unlocked price without any contract and will be available on contract soon or most probably when it arrives in US it will be launched with contract. Thus UK buyers interested in getting the phone right on time will have to pay the phone price which is some how expensive. You may order the phone via Clove’s website at price of £468 and will be start shipping from 5th March 2012.

Those who missed the specs; watch the hands on video captured at the recently held CES.

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