Typo Launched QWERTY Keyboard For iPhone 6

iPhone 6 QWERTY Keyboard

iPhone 6 QWERTY Keyboard

In order to provide ease in typing for those who don’t want to use on-screen touch keyboard, Typo recently launched its new QWERTY keyboard Typo 2 for the iPhone 6 users. Typo followed the same design for Typo 2 as was introduced in 2013, without caring about the sue claimed by the BlackBerry early this year.

Since, iPhone 6 is one of a larger device having 4.7-inch display and by clipping the Typo 2 it extends further which might not comfortable for all the iPhone users. If you want to compromise on the added weight and size, you can attach the Typo 2 with your iPhone 6.

Typo 2 is also made for the iPhone 6 Plus which is even more larger device of 5.5-inch display. So, you can imagine by attaching the Typo 2 with your iPhone 6 Plus how bulky and big your device will look? Its totally up to the user, which he prefers ease or style?

If you have iPhone 6 and want to use the QWERTY keyboard then you can buy the Typo 2 from the official Typo website at price of $99.

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