Twin Digital Cordless Phone Answering Machine

Today our product in review is the Amplidect Twin digital cordless phone with answering machine. It you find your self hearing not up to the mark as it was before then chances are you really would find these very handy as they will amplify not only the ringing volume but also the incoming speech volume.

Amplidect twin Digital Cordless Phone Sets

These Amplidect Twin cordless digital phones arrive in a pack to two sets. One of the cordless set has also got an answering machine while the other is just a digital cordless phone. Both the sets offer a remarkable 24 dB amplification of ringer and speech volume. Both the twin cordless phones have an integrated speaker phone feature which will allow you to do hands-free conversation.

One of the twin cordless sets has an integrated answering machine which can store messages as long as 15 minutes which can store up to 59 messages. All the messages are stored with audible date and time stamp for easy hearing. All the stored messages can be retrieved from remote control via hand set. The answering machine set is also hearing aid compatible.

Each set in this Amplidect Twin digital Cordless phone is approximately 14cm x 11cm and supports 3 way conference with privacy protection with Caller ID. The phone book can store up to 50 numbers with special ring tones for 10 different numbers. Each handset has large illuminated keypad buttons and sufficiently large displaying numbers and text on the LCD display with back light.

Overall this Amplidect Twin Cordless digital phone set with answering machine is great not only for those who take other hearing aids but it is also a nice cordless set to fit is almost any home or office. Due to additional hearing aid and adjustable ringer and speech volume, we rate this cordless phone set 8/10. These digital cordless phone sets are available in both twin and single set pack.

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