The Light Phone – Credit Card Size GSM Phone With 20 Days Battery

light Phone

light Phone

How about if I tell you that you can have a phone that is not bigger than the size of your credit card and slim enough to slip inside your wallet without noticing. The picture above features of what is being called the Light Phone.

The Light phone is a pre-paid GSM phone that can work globally. It works along with your current phone and  is able to receive forwarded calls which can be configured with its dedicated app.

The Light Phone has a dot matrix display and touch keys. The idea behind this simple piece of technology is to prevent yourself from distractions that and inevitable with the current era of smartphone and smart gadgets thus enjoying life like we used to before technology took over.

According to the team behind Light Phone, it has a 20-day battery backup time which is great. It will come preloaded with minutes and a SIM card. It has its own number and can be be used as an independent phone.

The team behind Light Phone are currently seeking funds at Kickstarter and if it ever goes into production, it will have a price tag of $100 only.

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