Thanko Revealed The First Portable Headphone Amplifier With Mobile Battery

Thanko Mobile Headphone Amplifier

Thanko Mobile Headphone Amplifier

However, advancements in the mobile devices make everything compact and all in one but still there is always need for improvements. For instance, to extend the features of smartphones various external devices and accessories are introduced frequently. Similarly, to enhance the audio function of smartphone, Thanko introduced a portable headphone amplifier with 5,000mAh mobile battery.

This amplifier comprises of two main utilities, a powerful mobile battery and a portable headphone amplifier. The device dimension is 130x68x25mm which is acceptable but the weight is little heavier than your sleek and stylish smartphone. But if you can compromise on the weight and prefer the high quality noise free sound quality then it would be better choice for you as it carries 680mW + 680mW high-power headphones amplifier.

The function of this powerful battery is to keep your phone charging while playing the audio so that you would have uninterruptable high quality audio. The battery is capable to charge your iPhone 6 for 2.7 time while iPhone 6 Plus can be charged for 1.7 times. It can play music up to 10 hrs. while output level is 20mW + 20mW, 32Ω.

Thanko initially offering this powerful headphone amplifier set for ¥34,800.

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