T-Mobile and Samsung Launches 3 Messaging phone – Samsung Gravity 3, Gravity T and Samsung Smiley

Samsung Gravity T

T-Mobile and Samsung has recently announced three messaging phones; Samsung Gravity T, Samsung Gravity 3 and Samsung Smiley. All these phones have T-Mobile carrier service with special feature of Exchange email and T-Mobile Social Buzz i.e pre-installed social networking application.

Samsung Gravity T:

This message phone form Samsung is available at price of $74.99 with 2 years contract with T-Mobile. The main phone feature includes; full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, 2.8 inch touchscreen, 3G, customizable screens and taskbar widgets, 2MP camera and up to 16 GB microSD card support.

Samsung Gravity T

Samsung Gravity 3:

This phone is continuation of Samsung Gravity 2 hence its features resemble with its previous model except it is designed with external T9 keyboard along with full QWERTY keyboard. It is available at price of $49.99 with 2 years contract.

Samsung Gravity 3

Samsung Smiley:

Samsung Smiley is no more different from above two phones and its features are more or less similar to above phones. The phone has 1.3 MP camera, microSD support, fast 3G connectivity and portrait QWERTY keyboard and costs $19.99.

Samsung Smiley

These phones are easily available at T-Mobile website or its retail stores.

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