SONICable Will Replace Ordinary Charging Cable In Future



SONICable is an Indiegogo project, which has recently reached its crowdfunding. The idea of the project is to make such charging cable, which quickly charges your mobile phones and easily connects with the adapter. The idea was greatly appreciated by the crowd and it seems that we will all have the SONICable soon.

The SONICable is beautifully designed charging cable with double charging speed. According to the project illustrators, when you connect this cable, you will have option to enable or disable syncing; if you disable the syncing function then all the power routed to device to supply power and hence you will be able to charge your phone in half time. To better, understand the functionality of the SONICable watch the video below


This idea sounds interesting, therefore, quickly reached its crowdfunding goal. One more useful design feature is its easy connectivity with adapter, i.e. you can connect it with adapter from any side either top or bottom. SONICable has aluminum connecter tip and is built both for Android and iOS devices. The only difference is

  • iPhone model comes with MFi certified Lightning Connector
  • Android model has Micro USB connector

Although, the project has met its goal but you can still donate some amount to reserve the remaining package on Indiegogo site.

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