Snap :Mobile Snap Clip is Just 3.5mm Thick

Snap clip

Snap clip

Snap is a handy clip designed for people like you and me who find is super difficult to keep things in tact, at least that is what the team behind Snap had in mind, see video here. The Snap clip measures no thicker than 3mm and is just 25mm wide. Its female part attaches to the back of your phone via adhesive glue (if it is glue) while the other part is that one that is supposed to secure your belonging such as cash, your ear phones etc.

Currently Snap is an ongoing project at Indiegogo and seeks funds up to USD $15,000 to make itself a reality. The Snap armband would cost about $25, another $40 for car/desk mount and if you happen to mount it on a bike or a stroller then you might have to spare an extra $35 too. The ones who are lucky enough can get the Snap earbud wrap and the Snap wallet for as little as $12 each.

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