Samsung Unveiled Kernel Source For AT&T Version of Samsung Galaxy S II

AT&T Samsung Impukse 4G

Samsung galaxy S II has been introduced by three different carriers in United States with their respective model names, its AT&T version is knows as Samsung Impulse 4G. Samsung recently unveiled the kernel source for the AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy S II before its release, which was due on September 18 this year but since its kernel source is uncovered now its release date has been extended to October 2nd this year.

AT&T Samsung Impukse 4G

Though the Source code for Samsung Impulse 4G is opened for all and is available at Samsung website but it is needed to build few more things like TouchWiz which are still kept hidden. This could also be a head start for the developers to customize the AT&T version of Samsung galaxy S II. It will be available by 2nd October next month at price of $200.

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