Plan V Charges Your Phone With 9V Battery

PlanV charger

PlanV  charger

Plan V is not another portable battery bank you can will carry along all the time in case your smartphone runs out of battery juice. In fact Plan V is just a new way of charging your phone battery. It is of the size of a key ring and can utilize any 9V battery to charge your phone.

The Plan V has a micro USB connector and terminals to connect the 9V battery. A typical 9V battery has a capacity of up to 800mA which can translate up to 4 hours of talk time for a phone. The idea behind this invention is that you can easily get 9V batteries everywhere and there is no need to carry additional battery banks.

The Plan V has a built-in protection that will never harm your precious smartphone even in the case of battery failure. It offers quick as well as optimum charging options. Currently the Plan V is in crowd funding phase and is likely to meets it goals in near future.ย  So stay tuned for updates and in the mean while see what the team behind it has to say in the video below.

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