OtterBox Bring The New Resurgence Power Case For iPhone 6

Otterbox Resurgence Power C

Otterbox Resurgence Power C

As you know, that CES has begun and companies are competing with their rivals by introducing new and advanced devices. OtterBox did something different; besides introducing any new casing design, company feels to continue iterating on the Resurgance Power Case. This time it is for iPhone 6 with almost the same features except battery capacity.

The new Resurgence Power Case has 2600mAh battery that delivers 2x battery life of your iPhone 6. It comes with auto-stop functionality that automatically turns off when the phone is fully charged. The body of the case is made of fiberglass-filled polycarbonate material, which is best suited for rugged or military grade devices. Therefore, this Resurgence Power Case is also ensure the full protection for your iPhone against any drops and dumbs. This is proved by the MIL STD 810G-516.6 test, which was successfully done; in this test the device is dropped on all faces, edges, and corners from four feet.

The power case can charge your phone battery using the micrUSB cable, whereas, a headphone extended jack is also provided. OtterBox didn’t reveal much about the availability and price but it is expected that the Resurgence Power Case for iPhone 6 will cost roughly the same as the previous iPhone cases.

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