Nokia Unleashes Nokia X3 Touch and Type Phone

Nokia X3 touch and type phone

Nokia has officially announced the release of its new touch and type phone the Nokia X3 which according to Nokia gives you the slice from both the worlds. If you have not got going with messaging with touchscreen phones then chances are that you are going to love the Nokia X3 touch and type phone.

Nokia X3 touch and type phone

The Nokia X3 phone has a fully functional 2.4 inch touch screen display along with a complete physical 12-key numeric keypad which is pretty much standard in all types of phones. The idea behind making the Nokia X3 was to combine both the touch screen functionally and the ease of typing in a single phone. For those who hate messaging via touch screen phones are going to love this phone from Nokia. Overall appearance of the Nokia X3 touch and type is very much straight forward. The keys are sufficiently large and unlike other phones having the same touch and type features you will not be missing a key press on the Nokia X3.

The Nokia X3 touch and type phone is very slim phone measuring only 0.38 inches in thickness and it has all the features that are currently provided in many latest smartphones . It has 3G, Wi-Fi, FM radio, microSD card slot etc. The X3 phone is powered by S40. It has a 5.0 mega pixel camera and is available in five attractive colors in Europe for a very cheap price of EUR 125 only.

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