Nokia N8 Video Camera Results

Nokia N8 Camera

12.0 Megapixel camera has sufficient capability of taking high quality snaps but when it comes to high definition video recording, many people have their doubts. Nokia N8 smartphone on the other hand can record HD quality videos of 720p resolution at an amazing 30fps which is simply great for a smartphone camera. Below is a short HD film shot from the new Nokia N8 camera phone.

Nokia N8 Camera
This short film, The Commuter, was shot in less than a week without any other backup cameras but Nokia N8. Every second of this film is captured by the Nokia N8 camera. This film was recorded and shot in London and St Albans as most of you would have realized immediately after watching it. The picture quality as well as sound is impressive for a smarphone camera. We have seen many small size camcorders in the past but those serve only single purpose and i.e. to shoot videos but the Nokia N8 is an all-in-one thing that you should have if you are in a habit of shooting lots of videos along with stills. The Nokia N8 is available at the following locations.

Available in US

  • (UNLOCKED Version works with any network)

Available in UK

Video Shot From Nokia N8 Camera [ UK ]

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