Nokia First Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Leaked

Nokia W7 and W8

It has been a long time that Windows Phone concept was presented by the Nokia but real Windows Phone 7 based Nokia smartphone still yet to come! But now it seems to come in stores after few months because Nokia first Windows Phone 7 smartphones W7 and W8 are leaked today.

Nokia W7 and W8

Though the information received is not announced officially by Nokia but the resources said that the Windows Phone W7 is designed with Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset and 8 MP auto-focus camera. Its design matches with the HTC Mozart while its prototype is based on current Nokia X7. The Nokia W7 is expected to launch by the end of 2011.

Nokia W8 another Windows Phone is designed with Dual Core Qualcomm CPU, and Adreno 320 GPU while rest of the design and features are followed by Nokia N8. This second Windows Phone 7 from Nokia is scheduled for Q2 2012. Besides these windows phones Nokia is also working on another windows phones including E71 which is also scheduled next year.

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  1. ..Rumors horrendous has emerged recently from one of the leading bloggers who said that Nokia plans to make phones with the Windows operating system Phone 7. Really?.Nokia reportedly preparing a new product line for dipasarakn next year and one of them is a product of Nokia phones that will use the Windows operating system Phone 7..The move follows talks between the two companies led by chief executive Stephen Elop Nokia the former head of Microsofts business. Elop joined Nokia in September this year with a brief to improve the lot of the giant mobile phone manufacturer based in Finland..This news was first disclosed by a blogger named Eldar Murtzain gadgets that have a site Mobile Review based in Russia.

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