Nokia and Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Concept

Nokia and Microsoft team up to deliver new Nokia Windows 7 Concept phone design shown in the picture below . These new Nokia Windows 7 Phones come in vibrant colors and the design somewhat resembles to that of Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 smartphones. The major difference is that these new Nokia Concept phones will be running Windows 7 mobile operating system.

Nokia Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Concept

Other than a couple of photos and a word from here and there, not much is known about these new Nokia Windows 7 concept phones. The photos however, do not reveal any kind of front facing camera and our guess for screen size would be close to 4 inch. A microUSB port and a possible 2.5mm or 3.5mm headphone jack are also visible.

Colors of these new Nokia Windows 7 concept phones have not surprised us at all as we have seen some interesting and attractive looking Nokia handsets in the past in the form of Nokia N8, Nokia C3 and many other Nokia phones.

More information on new Nokia Microsoft Windows 7 smartphone will be unpadded as they are revealed so stay tuned for more updates.

| via engadget |