Nexus S 4G Android 2.3 Smartphone Gets Official Release Date

Nexus S 4G Smart phone

Sprint has just announced that the new Google Android phone, the Nexus S 4G will be released by May 2011. Sprint also confirmed that the new Nexus S 4G phone will be running Android 2.3 OS and it sports decent set of features and specifications as well. Some of the info regarding Nexus S 4G phone has been listed below.

Nexus S 4G Smart phone

The new Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone is powered by a 1GHz Samsung application processor which makes this phone run 3D-rich graphics smoothly and not to mention that it sports a dedicated GPU as well. There is not a lot of information available about the size of display other than that it would be a Super AMOLED curved touch screen with multi-touch capabilities. Other features of the Sprint Nexus S 4G smartphone include Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, gyroscope etc.

The Nexus S 4G phone will be having a 5.0 mega pixel rear facing and a VGA front facing camera. Other handy feature about this phone is that it can be used as a mobile hotspot. Battery in this phone is 1500mAh which is pretty much standard. According to Sprint, the Nexus S 4G phone will be available on their stores starting from May 8 2011.

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