New Nokia E-Cu Concept Phone Charges From Body Heat

Nokia E-Cu concept phone

This might sound a bit strange but the new Nokia concept phone design uses body energy to charge its battery or you can say it is capable of using any other form of heat energy to convert into electrical energy that charges the battery such as a heating laptop or a monitor etc.

Nokia E-Cu concept phone

The designer behind this Nokia phone is Patrick Hyland who though that it is about time to free consumers from those extra charger weight they carry while they travel. The Nokia E-Cu concept phone has an integrated Thermo generator which is responsible for converting heat energy into electrical energy. So you never have to worry about draining the battery because as long as the phone is in your pocket, it is charging. The Nokia E-Cu has a copper layer along with integrated head sink that releases excess heat. The Phone itself is very slim and not surprisingly it does not have a very impressive looks as this is just a concept phone design. We will just have to wait and see whether this Nokia E-Cu phone goes into mass production or not.

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