New KDDI X-Ray Cell Phone

KDDI X-Ray Cell Phone

KDDI has just launched its new X-Ray cell phone which is made see- through by the company’s iida designer. It’s a flip phone crafted by Tokujin Yoshioka which has unique design and double display. The phone has crystal stand which makes its translucent. KDDI X-Ray Cell Phone

The KDDI X-Ray cell phone has all the modern features which are now available in other cell phone but here with its amazing looks. The other features includes 8-Megapixel camera, 7 x 102 pixel LED scrolling display for alert, main touchscreen display of fine resolution, 1-Seg TV tuner, GSM radio, QSD8650 CDMA-ready Snapdragon and off course last but not least support of microSD card.

The price and availability of this KDDI X-Ray cell phone is still not mentioned by the vendor but it is expecting that it would be one of a great stylish cell phone for customers and will be available in three different colors; Red, Black and Blue. Watch the video given below to view it from every angle.

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