Motorola Enters Into 2015 With Second Generation Moto X

Moto X Pure Edition

Moto X Pure Edition

Motorola has started its new year with the announcement of Moto X Pure Edition smartphone. It is the successor of the last year Moto X model. Motorola bring the Moto X Pure Edition with a little change in memory size other than that almost all the features are kept same.

Moto X models are the most successful Android phones of 2013 except for the storage limitation. Moto X has only onboard memory and no microSD card support; so you had to rely onto the internal storage (16GB or 32GB) and cloud storage. Although Motorola didn’t embed flash storage onto the Pure Edition also; but has increased the onboard storage to 64GB; which is enough for smartphone use.

Motorola charges only $100 more for the increased memory size of 32GB of Moto X Pure Edition i.e its price is set to $599.99. On the otherhand, you may also have choice to make your Moto X Pure Edition more stylish by applying Wood or Leather back cover that will cost $24.99.

The unlock version of second generation Moto X is available only for the use of AT&T or T-Mobile due to its support for the GSM and LTE networks.

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