Motorola Droid RAZR Hands-On Video Caught In The Wild

As we have already given you some news regarding the upcoming Droid RAZR from Motorola which is named as the MAXX edition, recently its hands-on video has been published on a site which showed its unboxing and the design.

According to the video this Droid RAZR MAXX seems to be the biggest competitor of Galaxy Nexus LTE. Though the MAXX is not designed as thin as its previous version of 4G but still it includes in the thin smartphone category as its thickness can be comparable with devices like iPhone 4S and its biggest competitor. What other important point everyone wants to check out its battery life i.e. how much a 3300mAh battery can give output? The answer seems to be pretty much according to the expectations and the battery would last for several hours on a single charge. Now let’s have a look at the video and find out what is in the box?

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