Motorola Droid Pro Appears at Verizon Test Website


Early this month, it was heard that Verizon and Motorola going to launch Motorola Droid Pro together but it wasn’t unveiled by both of them and now it seems to be revealed as Motorola Droid is going to launch at Verizon test website whose photo is given below.

It will be great news for those who want some Blackberry phone with Droid this would be one of their favorite model. The Droid pro is designed with 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, 3.1-inch display, 1GHz processor — and a dual-mode CDMA/GSM chip for worldwide roaming.

Motorola droid pro

The Motorola Droid Pro will hopefully launch till 11th of November 2010 (according to the rumors) with 2 year service agreement for $299. The debates on the price of the Motorola Droid Pro announced by Verizon are going on as it is heard that the device will be available with 2 yr service contract for $299 and $700 unsubsidized. rel=”nofollow”

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