Modai Concept Cell Phone Revealed

Modai Concept phone

Modai Concept phone

The best part about concept gadget designs is that these look great on paper and in demo but the bitter truth is that only a handful of them see the light of the day. Just recently, Julius Tarng has revealed a new concept phone, the Modai concept phone which on the whole looks quite a neat and cute cell phone design for the year 2012. The Modai concept phone has its unique peelstand and it will have the ability to move on its own on its stand. The phone does some really cool things such as opening its charge port when battery juice runs low etc.

There has been no detailed set of specifications for the new Modai concept cell phone but that is the usual part with most of the concept design electronics. So stay tuned for updates such as specifications, features, price and release date of the new Modai concept phone.


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