Microsoft Revealed Comfort Headset For New Lumia Phones

Lumia Comfort Headset

Lumia Comfort Headset

After releasing the latest Lumia models, Microsoft has just announced their compatible headphones – Comfort headset WH-308. This pair of earphones is designed in colors that will match with your new Lumia handsets.

The distinguished feature of the Microsoft Comfort headset is its ergonomic design which is built according to every human ear design. This means that the earpieces match the shape of the human ear and it will nicely fit with comfort inside the ear that it would not get loose in anyway. In this manner, you will enjoy music or sound directly without any sound loss. On the other hand, you will have great choice to blend your Microsoft Comfort Headset with your new Lumia phones, as it is available in three different colors – orange, white and black.

IF you go into the detail specs, you will find that it consists of speakers that have 20-ohm impedance and frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and can be connected via 3.5mm stereo connector.

Microsoft didn’t announce any news regarding its price and availability, so stay tune to see when Lumia users will be able to buy their Comfort Headset.

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