Microsoft Giving Away 90,000 Windows 7 Phones

Microsoft has finally decided that its 90,000 employees worldwide need to have the piece of its pie. Andy Lees, head of Microsoft’s mobile business in an email to employees announced that all of the Microsoft employees across the globe with be given a Windows 7 phone.

Microsoft Windows 7 Phone

The decision was made as Microsoft wanted its employees to be aware as well as experience the Windows 7 environment in phones. The decision to give away about 90,000 Windows 7 phones seems a bit shocking. I wonder whether Microsoft has any such plans of Windows 7 phone give away for non-Microsoft employees.

Microsoft had recently put an end to its smartphone, Microsoft Kin, which had a terrible season in terms of sales. Although Microsoft has its big share of computer operating systems world wide, the idea of entering the smart phones market and competing with big giants such as Apple and Samsung might just have been too much for Microsoft at this stage.

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