Mango Update Approaching To Your Windows Phone In Few Days

Windows Phone 7.5 Update

It is hard to wait anymore for Windows Phone users to get the Window Phone 7.5 Mango update and now it has been announced by the General Manager of Windows Phone that the Mango update will be rolled out in a week or two. I think wait for these few days is not a big deal for the Windows Phone users who already did wait for months.

Windows Phone 7.5 Update

Now the point is that how will you know about the update and how to install it, for your kind information every Windows phone will receive software from the handset manufacturer which will be tuned to you phone and apps and will start working with the new features of Windows Phone 7.5 (this software must match with your firmware). In any case if you didn’t get the software update you will have to install new versions of Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac and the Zune software for PCs so that you can synchronize your phone with your PC or Mac system and get the Windows Phone Mango update.

As it is said by the Windows representative that Mango update has been completed and it will be available for its customers within 2 weeks so it might possible that it would officially release earlier. People, who are eager to have this update, keep an eye on their phone alerts and release notes from the Microsoft Windows.

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  1. I’m slighty confused by all the WP7 Mango update talk, cause some websites are saying that its for the new Windows Phones that are coming quite soon,can I still get it on my Samsung Omnia 7?

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