Limited Edition Of Red Blackberry Passport Will Be Launched On Black Friday

Red Blackberry Passport

Red Blackberry Passport

Today the CEO of Blackberry announced that the Limited Edition of Red Blackberry Passport will be available from the coming Black Friday. Earlier it was assumed that this version of BB Passport will be start shipping from this Christmas but company is going to provide a chance to some of its lucky users to have it before the Christmas.

The new design has a nice look; the whole keypad color has change to bright red while the other areas are still black. At least this color change adds another dimension to the whole device. Besides having color change, it is still not confirm that whether it will sport new specs or the same as previous black and white version.

As far as the current black and white version of BB Passport is concerned, its price has gone down to $599 which is $100 less than its previous value. You can easily purchase this handset from Amazon where it is also come with T-Mobile SIM.

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