LG Unleased LG L-03C 12 Mega Pixel Camera Phone With 3X Optical ZOOM

For those of you who got really impressed with Nokia N8 12 MP camera, they need to save some for the new LG L-03C, which is a 12.0 mega pixel camera that also doubles as a phone, which is for those folks who are more into taking snaps rather than texting or calling. This is not just what the LG L-03C camera phone has got. It has a 3X optical zoom capability which lets you say Good Bye to those clumsy digital zoom in features found in most of the high priced smartphones.

LG L-03C 12 MP Camera phone

Like many other digital cameras that are released these days, the LG L-03C camera phone also has HD video recording feature which enables the user to record 720p quality videos. The L-03C camera phone also has a 3” LCD display with 800 x 480 resolutions. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc.

So if you happen to see someone holding a camera to his/her ear then don’t be surprised as the LG L-03C is more of a 12 Mega pixel camera than a phone. Sources reveal that this new camera phone by LG will be available in Japan from Jan 2011. Still no information about price and compatibility has yet been revealed.