LG Unleased LG L-03C 12 Mega Pixel Camera Phone With 3X Optical ZOOM

LG L-03C 12 MP Camera phone

For those of you who got really impressed with Nokia N8 12 MP camera, they need to save some for the new LG L-03C, which is a 12.0 mega pixel camera that also doubles as a phone, which is for those folks who are more into taking snaps rather than texting or calling. This is not just what the LG L-03C camera phone has got. It has a 3X optical zoom capability which lets you say Good Bye to those clumsy digital zoom in features found in most of the high priced smartphones.

LG L-03C 12 MP Camera phone

Like many other digital cameras that are released these days, the LG L-03C camera phone also has HD video recording feature which enables the user to record 720p quality videos. The L-03C camera phone also has a 3” LCD display with 800 x 480 resolutions. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc.

So if you happen to see someone holding a camera to his/her ear then don’t be surprised as the LG L-03C is more of a 12 Mega pixel camera than a phone. Sources reveal that this new camera phone by LG will be available in Japan from Jan 2011. Still no information about price and compatibility has yet been revealed.

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