LG Fireweb : First Firefox OS Smartphone Is Not Too Bad

LG Fireweb smartphone

LG Fireweb smartphone

LG has just announced the first Firefox OS smartphone, the LG Fireweb. The LG Fireweb is a low to mid range smartphone that packs a 4.0 inch display with just HVGA 480 x 320 resolution.

The LG Fireweb is powered by 1GHz Qualcomm processor. It has 4GB of internal storage and a decent shape as well. The phone has a 5.0 MP rear facing camera with auto-focus capability.

Users will be able to download plenty of apps from the built-in marketplace app. The LG Fireweb smartphone also has GPS and uses Here Maps for navigation. Currently the LG Fireweb Firefox OS smartphone is set to start shipping in Brazil for about $207 only.


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