LG Fantasy Leaked Photo Shows Windows Button

LG Fantasy Windows Phone 7.5

LG Fantasy Windows Phone 7.5

Though it was announced earlier this year that Microsoft is going to launch Windows Phone 7.5 with particular brands including LG, and this would be the one – the LG Fantasy. Since LG released LG Quantum Windows 7 phone this year and Windows Mango LG phone is yet to come so one can say that after viewing the windows button mentioned in the blurry photo this would be the upcoming LG Windows phone.

The news is not official yet but according to rumors, the phone will come with

  • 4” IPS display
  • 5MP or 8MP camera on board
  • Windows Phone 7.5 operating system

Let’s wait till the official specs arrive or wait for coming CES or MWC where it will be showed off by LG.

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